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English LLP Formation


A basic formation cost for this English Limited Liability Partnership including registered office and business address is only £195, plus delivery costs, if any.

English LLP



Registration in England (includes Govt fee)



Registered Office Address & business address in Grimsby



Electronic delivery of documents






 Second year (includes Confirmation Statement)




English LP


A limited partnership registered in England has a structure, which is favorably similar to a Scottish Limited Partnership. The only basic difference is that limited partnerships in England have no legal entity status and, as a result, the requirement for disclosure of the beneficiary owners should not apply. In all other respects, the terms of registration and reporting, as well as the taxation principle, are practically identical to the terms established for the Scottish limited partnerships.

There may be an additional major advantage available with an English LP when opening a bank account. Due diligence requirements when opening a personal account are usually less demanding than they are for companies. With English LP's having no legal entity status they should be opened as personal accounts. We can give our customers a tip to achieve this. However, be aware that staff in many banks are not trained in the legal side of opening accounts and may not co-operate.

Please see fee schedule for pricing.


English Company


English shelf companies (including up to 10 years old) are available for sale at competitive prices. Because the list of companies available changes daily we have ceased providing lists here on our website.


For todays list please request by email specifying country of incorporation and age bracket required.


Prices generally include a free name change if required, plus 1-year registered office. These prices are not plus VAT. Reserve pending payment by email.


Be aware that a UK LLP without exemption does have to lodge its accounts with the Companies Office. A Scottish LP does not. We can introduce you to qualified English accountants, if you want. If you have no business to account for we can prepare and submit properly formatted nil returns / dormant. The cost of this is available upon request. Our rates are very competitive.

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