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To satisfy a clients banking needs is one of the hardest things to do for clients. You will find many offers on the internet to open an account for you for a fixed fee. However, only a bank can decide if it wants to do business with you and provide all your banking needs. So, when the bank declines your application is your introducer going to say: sorry about that and don't bother to pay me? I think not. With us it is different. We suggest that you check out the conditions for opening accounts with our help.


Currency Exchange Service

If you are having difficulty exchanging one currency for another (for whatever reason), or want to pay a smaller fee-get a better rate, then let us introduce you to a service that is based in Hong Kong and is licensed  by Hong Kong Monetary Authority, FCA-UK, registered with IRS-FATCA-USA, Anti-Money Laundering regulations etc. Ask us for help with any of 30 different currencies.


Offshore banks

Offshore banks cannot benefit from the economies of scale. Compared with onshore banks their fees must be higher, their staff will be less experienced people with fewer banking qualifications, if any. Generally they are subjected to inferior auditing by the banking regulatory authorities who themselves suffer from less qualified staff. The result is higher risk banking. We suggest that you stay with a suitable onshore bank. In doing so you may wish to also review your structure with us to ensure that your privacy is maintained.






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