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Bringing Tax Savings Onshore

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In the face of mounting protest by pressure groups we would like to repeat our suggestion of the last 8-9 years. Do not go offshore to some struggling tax haven when you can get similar benefits from onshore service providers. You simply do not need to get mixed up in the offshore world when you can legally get similar benefits onshore in jurisdictions like  England, Hong Kong - China and Scotland. Your business will be respected more and will attract less adverse attention than it might if you go the "tax haven" route.



Structured correctly you will enjoy the same benefits that you might get in a tax haven, and importantly, the price will be right. In these solid jurisdictions you:-

  • will find it easier to open a bank account

  • easier to borrow clean money

  • easier to obtain credit from suppliers

  • have a much wider choice of suppliers, buyers and service providers

  • enjoy lower all round prices due to economy of scale and greater competition

  • enjoy better, more complete services with legal protection from the law of the land

  • with the right choice pay less tax, or even no tax at all

You need not sacrifice privacy by using the right nominees, or an even better Trust structure with many benefits for the job. Check out our prices!


Ensure that you are legally avoiding tax (avoiding is legal) rather than evade tax (evasion is illegal) by running your plan past your professional adviser. Be entirely open and discuss your plans in some detail.


Should you be seeking privacy for your investments, plan on eliminating inheritance taxes, taking advantage of overseas trade opportunities or any of the other myriad legal reasons that other people use tax havens for, then you must talk to us before proceeding further. We do formations in the above countries. This includes the best tax haven of Vanuatu, with its real privacy laws. If you ask us we will suggest the most suitable structure for you.





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